Have you ever wondered what is the importance of learning English? Everyone
tells us learn English because it opens doors and job possibilities, and yes, it is
true. However, it is not only important in the work field, there are also other
reasons why English has become an internationally recognized language in
almost every field and almost every region of the world.
Did you know that English, besides making you a more competent professional,
is also the most spoken language among foreigners? Yes, in other words, it is
the language that most people learn in addition to their mother tongue all over
the world. For example, in the field of science, scientific research and the most
important film industry in the world the predominant language is English. When
trying to find information on any research topic, the best and even the first
publications on the web are in English, so it is easy to conclude that the major
source of information is dominated by this language.
Scientific, educational, technological, medical and labor developments have
increased the influence of English globally, forcing new generations to speak a
foreign language. When interacting with foreigners through social networks,
traveling to another country around the world, searching for international news,
international award galas, Hollywood movies, science fiction books,
multinational organizations and even in conferences the common language
used is English. The first requirement to enter an international organization or
university is to have oral and written proficiency in this language, so, why not
learn English? English is as important as having access to the Internet today,
and its importance is increasing every day no matter where you are.
Recognizing the importance, impact of English as a global language and
preparing student for their future from the English area of Gimnasio Santa Maria
del Alcazar we have wanted to give our ninth-grade students the opportunity to
have a real approach with native speakers of this language. Therefore, in the
first trimester some of them had their first interaction through a video call where
they shared and talked about cultural aspects of the two countries, the United
States and Colombia. They not only interacted in English but also in Spanish,
since the meeting was with students who are learning Spanish. The purpose of
this cultural activity was to generate a space for bilingual interaction to
strengthen communication skills in the foreign language, at the end of the
activity the result was quite positive and our students practiced their English.
We hope in the future to extend this activity to other courses and do it more
frequently. Below we share some pictures of our wonderful cultural encounter.
Another space that is approaching in our institution is the celebration of English
Day, after the pandemic this event will return full of activities and contests for
our students to have fun while putting into practice their knowledge and skills in
English language. This time English will be the key to win and have a great day
at school. Get ready because you can't miss it.

By: Vanesa Olaya

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