Children have more benefits when they start to study English or another language between 0 and
4 years old, children generate more neural connections because they learn the language innately.
During this period, the child's brain is formed, which acts like a sponge, since it has a greater
capacity to absorb and assimilate information and knowledge more quickly and easily.

Children who start learning English from an early age will have a greater capacity for
concentration, and greater agility and will develop problem-solving skills. They will end up
mastering the language and pronunciation will be much better. And what is more important, we
will make sure that in the future the child is bilingual.

On the other hand, as English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, the child
who knows how to get along with this language from an early age will have the ability to
communicate with a greater number of people. This will improve her self-esteem and give her
another tool to enter the world of work in the future. Also, the child will have a greater ability to
learn a third language.
By: Erika Galvis

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