In this article, the notion of mental health, its roots, its definition and its manifestations in
society are discussed. At the same time, it is understood as a disciplinary field with
different limitations in which medicine, public health, psychology, among others, are
involved. Therefore, the importance of this disease is given as proposals for findings and
the need to promote well-being, prevention, possible treatments and assertive information
for people with mental disorders is established and thus allow the area of knowledge of it to
understand this problem at first. This article investigates the aspects of the regulations laws
that Colombia has in relation to mental health and it is evident the lack of connection
between what it proposes and what happens when implementing the norms and laws to
society, which the same regulations have proposed since it has not been possible to achieve
100% of the proposed objectives, which makes this mental health disease in Colombia still
Keywords: Society, Mental Health, Normativity law, Patient rights, Mental disorder
By: Paola Vargas

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